Chasing Waterfalls

Today we disregarded everything TLC taught us and we chased a waterfall.

We visited Wli Waterfall and a nearby monkey sanctuary.  We hired a driver and rented a 15 passenger van to drive us all out there. Originally, we agreed to leave at 6 am because it was supposed to be a 4 hour drive. We didn’t end up leaving until 7 and about 2 hours into the trip,we realized that the driver had no idea where he was going.

It took us around 5 hours to get to the monkey sanctuary but when we finally got there I got to feed a wild monkey. It was both terrifying and amazing all at the same time. I tried to get a cute monkey picture but I literally ended up looking horrified in most of them. Here’s the closest thing I could get to a non terrified smile . 

Once we all got selfies with the monkeys, we set out for Wli Waterfslls which we assumed couldn’t have been more than 30 minutes away. 

We were SO wrong. 

After 3 hours of asking strangers for directions, we finally arrived. It ended up being around a 45 minute walk up to the waterfall but honestly getting there and seeing how beautiful it was made the trip well worth it.

Lessons Learned:

1. Go to Wli Waterfalls. It’s beautiful. I don’t even like being outside and I loved it. It only costs like 15 Ghana Cedis to get in and it’s so worth it. 

2. Bring a change of clothes and a pair of tennis shoes and flip flops if you go. I thought I wouldn’t end up going in but I did and I had to ride 8 hours back from the falls in wet clothes. 

3. Small bills are the way to go. It just makes everything quicker and easier. And no one can break 50 Ghana cedi. Bring 10s and 5s. 

4. Enjoy the journey. Honestly. This is the biggest lesson of today. I really don’t like being lost. So today should have pushed every single one of my buttons and at some points, it did. I soon realized that regardless of how annoyed I was, I was going to be stuck in the van until we got to the waterfall. It was completely out of my control. Eventually, I just relaxed and embraced the scenery.The 8 hours also allowed me to really get to know everyone else in the program which was really nice.

Moral of the Story: Make the best of every journey. And remember–sometimes it’s okay to chase waterfalls 😉


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