Eat. Shop. Drink. Repeat 

On the weekends, my roommate and I travel from Akwatia to Accra with one of the doctors from St.Dominics. In Accra, we eat, shop, drink and repeat. Here’s where I’ve been so far.


Frankie’s in Osu: It kind of reminds me of a diner-type-restaurant. They have everything from breakfast food and burgers to grilled cheese and milkshakes. Having American food is such a nice break after eating Jollof Rice and chicken every day during the week. And there is also a really good ice cream place connected to it that I would recommend trying!

Mama Mia’s Pizza in Osu: The food here is pretty good. I just got a plain cheese pizza when I went but it was a nice change of pace. For the quality of food they serve, it’s kind pricey in my opinion. I would go at least once but don’t make a trip out of it.

Wok Inn near Korle Bu: Ahhhh Wok Inn. There will always be a place in my heart for this place. It’s the closest restaurant to the Korle Bu International Student Hostel (KISH). They have fairly inexpensive Chinese food and they are open until like 10 or 10:30, which is nice. Try the Chicken noodles if you go. They’re spicy as hell but overall, mad good.

Coco Lounge in Airport City: Such a swanky place. It’s a quasi-Mexican restaurants with great decorations and high prices. The food is around 30-40 cedis per entree and the drinks are about 30 or 45 cedis each. However, it’s really really pretty and the food is pretty good. Definitely go if you have the chance.


Accra Mall: The mall is probably one of my favorite places in Accra. There aren’t many American stores and most of them are really expensive but I love it. It’s really nice inside and there is air conditioning and a food court with a Pizza Hut and a good coffee shop called Second Cup. 10 out of 10 would recommend going.

Shopping on Oxford St: So Oxford Street is one of the main streets in Osu. And all up and down the streets, there are vendors selling pretty much anything you could want. They have clothes, accessories, art, soaps and lotions and so much more. Be sure to negotiate prices down. People know that you’re not Ghanaian and so they will try to give you super high prices. When they give you a price, cut it in half and then work back up to somewhere in the middle.

Culture Center/Arts Center in Accra: Perfect place to get souvenirs. I don’t know exactly where it is but if you tell the taxi to take you to Arts Center, you will most likely end up at the right place. There are a bunch of people selling a bunch of different things. Be sure to negotiate the price down and do business with honest people. Chances are if you like something, you can get the same thing at the next booth for a lower price.


Purple Pub near Osu: It doesn’t look like much but it’s an outdoor pub with good music and cheap drinks which makes it perfect. We went on a Friday with a big group of American students and some of our Ghanaian friends. Definitely go in a large group, it makes things much more fun. I would recommend this place time and time again.

Bella Roma in Osu: Bella Roma is a nightclub right next to Frankie’s on Oxford Street. It also doesn’t look like much on the outside but it was actually decently fun. The drinks are a little more expensive than Purple Pub but it’s also a little nicer than Purple Pub. We went on a Wednesday night around midnight. Things didn’t really start to get fun until 1:00 am and we ended up leaving by 2:30. I would recommend going once but I probably wouldn’t go again if I got the chance.

Urban Grill in Airport City: This is a bar above Coco Lounge. Very high end looking and drinks cost a lot. Definitely worth going to see it but don’t plan on drinking a lot because it’ll cost you an arm and a leg.

Lessons Learned:

1. Taxis charge crazy amounts at night. Don’t let them get you. It shouldn’t be more than 20 or 25 cedis back and forth from Korle Bu to Airport City/Accra Mall. Uber also just launched in Accra–use it whenever you can. It’s so much cheaper and in my opinion, safer.

2. Being nice clothes when you come to Ghana. Future MHIRT students, I’m talking to you. Don’t think that you’re going to be out in the bush all the time. Part of your time will be spent you in the city and you will want going out clothes!! Trust me. I didn’t bring them but I wish I did.

P.S… I do not own the featured image. It’s from this website:,_Accra 


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