The Big Tree

So. It’s exactly what it sounds like. A big tree. Some call it the tree of life, some call it various other things but in the end, it’s a big tree.

There’s not really much to say about it other than the fact that our drivers tried charging us 500 cedis for an hour worth of driving. After some intense bargaining, we got it down to 100 cedis for each car. It was still far too much for what it was worth but everybody has to make a living. And in the big scheme of things it was 40 cedis per person which is really only 10 dollars.

The road was pretty much one giant pothole after another, which made for a not so great ride. However, we got there safely and no one was car sick so it was a success.

If you ever come to Akwatia, I would honestly not waste your time with the big tree. Maybe it’s because I’m not a nature lover.. I would say it wasn’t worth the time or the money. It’s something to do if you’re really bored but you may be better off trying the EcoTourism place or just roaming around Kade.

Lessons Learned:
1. Skip the Big Tree.
2. If you can’t help but go, try to organize it as a hospital trip. Just go talk to the administration and they’ll set it up. Then it would probably be free which would make it worth going.
3. Men will take pictures of you without your consent. It’s honestly the weirdest thing, but it happens. We were standing at the tree and this large group of men came up to see the tree and at first they took pictures of the tree but then we started seeing flashes and cameras in our direction. After we asked them not to, they persisted and insisted that we take pictures with them. Everything turned out relatively okay but just be cautious and mind your surroundings.


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