Mole National Park

I’m writing this post mad late…but it has to be written so forgive me for all of the details I’m going to miss.

Getting There: We ended up taking a big coach bus on the 12 hour ride from Accra to Tamale. The bus itself was actually pretty nice. We went with a group of about 25 exchange students from the University of Ghana so we knew everyone on the bus, which was awesome.

Accommodation: The first night we stayed at Unity Guest House about 20 minutes away from Mole. It was basically a bathroom and then 2 beds in each room for around 50 cedis per night. It was SUPER basic but it was cheap and did the job. And then the second night we stayed in Tamale at Catholic Archdiocesan Guest House which seemed really really nice compared to Unity Guest House. I think that the place in Tamale was around 70 cedis per night.

Mole National Park: What a place. First of all, it was beautiful there. Here are my pictures from it.


So during the first part of the jeep safari they took us to the watering hole where we saw a bunch of elephants . It was actually amazing and perfect and SO scary but it was fine.Then we drove around a little bit and saw some other not as cool animals. On the last leg of our safari, the driver basically drove us into this dead end cove that was filled with elephants. We ended up getting WAY too close and one of the elephants low key charged the jeep. It was pretty much the scariest thing that has ever happened to me but it’s okay. I am alive and I got this picture so it’s all fine.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Larabanga Mosque: On the second day, we went to see the Larabanga Mosque. This mosque has so much fascinating history that I can’t remember at the moment…but it was really cool to see. Here is my picture of the mosque.



Lessons Learned:

  1. DEET. Wear it. Please wear it. The most bug bites I got during my entire trip was in Tamale. The bites I got lasted for like 2 and a half weeks and were the itchiest and most uncomfortable bites I’ve ever had. So PUHLEASE.. wear deet. Use a mosquito net. Whatever you have to do.
  2. BRING SNACKS. The 12 hour drive is brutal enough in and of itself. And then on top of that, there aren’t many choices for food inside or around the park. Having some granola bars on deck really made this trip work.
  3. Cell service is really spotty in some places. There was zero service at the Unity Guest House and then in Mole there was service but it wasn’t good. Service was fine in Tamale though.

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