E. S. D. R. 2

This post is the sequel to my post called Eat. Shop. Drink. Repeat. So here we go.



Chix-N-Ribs in Osu: Hands down my favorite burger place in the world. We literally ate here so often and loved it more and more every time. The owner of this place is this awesome guy who grew up in Chicago and then moved to Accra and opened up this restaurant. His food is literally just the best. I always ordered a cheeseburger with spicy fries and a Sprite. The cheeseburger had like barbecue sauce and cheese and lettuce and onions and it was just perfect. I’m honestly not sure how he is able to make such a delectable burger but he does. Every time. Please go if you are ever in Osu. You will not regret it.

La Piazza in Osu: I’m not as enthusiastic about this place but it was still decent food. The restaurant itself is actually really pretty and the atmosphere is nice but the food is just too pricey for how it tastes. The pasta dish I had there was pretty good. I would recommend this place but don’t stress if you don’t get to go.

Zion Thai Restaurant in Osu: OBSESSED. I  absolutely love this place. Best Pad Thai I have ever had. I literally shed a tear of joy when I took my first bite. Although the restaurant itself doesn’t look like much, the food is AMAZING. Please go. 10/10 would recommend that you go. I love it as much if not more than Chix-N-Ribs.

Papaye in Osu: Good food. Gigantic Portions. Low price. You have to go.

Starbites in East Legon: This place was actually really nice. I would only go though once you get sick of being in Osu because it’s kind of far out there. The burgers were really good and they had American style breakfast food which was nice. I really liked this place and would recommend going!

Pinocchio in East Legon: Gelato. Really good Gelato. Unfortunately, it made some of my friends sick but it did not have that effect on me. I would recommend going. It’s mad good.



Niobe Salon & Spa in East Legon: I know. I know. This doesn’t really count as shopping but it didn’t fit in eating or drinking so I put it in shopping. Anyway. This place is in East Legon and is super nice. I was able to get a manicure, pedicure and massage for only 200 cedis which is around 50 dollars. There is no way I would be able to get all of that in the US for that price so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I really enjoyed my time there and would recommend it to everyone. Treat yo self one time ya know?



Kona Bar & Grill in Osu: Love Kona. It’s right across the street from Frankie’s and Bella Roma. We usually went on Saturdays and it was always really really fun. The music was consistently good and the crowd is pretty chill. This is a nice place to go if you are just trying to sit and listen to music and talk with your friends. Prime pricier pregame place.

Champs: I have no idea where this place was but it seemed like it was forever away from Korle Bu. We went on a Friday night which was karaoke night. I think that this place is like a sports bar or something but I thought it was pretty lame. Wouldn’t recommend going unless you’re into the classic bar scene with pool tables and greenish lighting.

Kristal in Osu: We went to Kristal on a Friday night. It was a small place and on top of that it was virtually empty. The club itself was actually really nice inside and we had fun there but we kind of had to bring the party ourselves.

Epo’s: Unsure where this place is but it seemed far away too. Apparently it was a night club or bar or something but we went there to watch a soccer game. Overall, I didn’t think it was that fun but I also don’t care about soccer so whatever.

Twist: No idea where this place is either… lol. Twist nightclub is for ballers and shot callers. When we went on a Friday, the cover was 50 cedis  and it really didn’t get lit until like 1:30 am. Inside the club was really nice and the music was really good. However, I would really only go if you have some sort of hookup that helps you get in for free. Also, this place had a burger stand right outside with the 2nd best burger in Accra. So if you end up going, be sure to treat yourself to a burger on your way out. It’s worth the 25 cedis.

Firefly in Osu: I really like this place. It’s in Osu but it’s a few blocks down from Frankie’s and all of that stuff. Firefly is pretty swanky and caters more to an international crowd.  The music is always good and the atmosphere is nice. I would recommend going, it very rarely disappoints.

Container in Osu: So this place is right across the street from Papaye. It is basically composed of like 2 big tents, a shipping container and some plastic table and chairs. Although it’s not the swankiest establishment in the world, the drinks are pretty cheap and the music is really good. It’s a great place to pregame if you aren’t feeling Purple Pub or Kona.

**Akwatia Edition**

So my roommate and I ended up going to 3 bars in Akwatia. I can’t remember the names of them but I will describe their locations to the best of my ability.

Bar 1: Leave the gates of the hospital and make a left. Walk down past the pineapple stand and it’s the only building with a balcony/patio type thing. There are usually people outside standing at the window ordering drinks. Smirnoff Ices are only 4 cedis there so it’s pretty cheap. It’s also really close which is nice. If you get lost, just ask someone where you can buy a Club. They will understand and show you to this bar.

Bar 2: The name of this one starts with a Y or a J but I cannot remember for certain. This place is located in between the Boadua bus station/filling station and the AshFoam on your way to Akwatia. The bar itself is really small and walls are purple. Its on your left coming from Boadua and your right coming from AshFoam.

Bar 3: This joint is really close to Akwatia market and its located on the 2nd floor of the two story building right before the market. I think this one is more of a restaurant but I’m honestly unsure.


Lessons Learned:

  1. People party from like midnight to 5 am. Don’t be surprised if you’re out late every weekend. It’s normal. Just be safe about it and you will be okay.
  2. Police checkpoints pop up more often at night. We always hit like 2 different police checkpoints on the way back from going out in Osu. It’s nothing to worry about but just keep that in mind.
  3. Cabs overcharge at night. And there is nothing you can do about it. Don’t pay more than 10 or 15 more than you would during the day though.
  4. Going out is so fun. I LOVE going out in Osu. All I would say is that you should always look out for the people you go out with. Always be mindful of your surroundings and never isolate yourself.





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