For those of you who don’t know, my name is Kelsey Brown and I am going to be spending this next semester in London. I’m studying at King’s College London and am doing their Health & Society program. I am so excited about all the new places I’ll see, the new food I’ll eat and the new people I’ll meet. Can’t wait to see what this semester has in store for me. So buckle up people. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Sidebar: I originally created this blog to document my 8 weeks in Ghana as a part of Brown University’s MHIRT program. If you want to know more about that, you should read my posts from Ghana & if you want to ask questions about my experience there, you can totally email me or ask through this blog!

Why call your blog Off the Map?

Originally, I thought like wow–I’m going to Ghana & I’m going to be doing research in the bush & I’ll really be off the map & unreachable… That was just not true. I did just as much if not more partying than I did research. And more importantly, Ghana is not uncharted territory & I’m not doing anything new or innovative by going there. So this blog was originally named in ignorance to be quite honest. Now, my blog’s name has come to hold less literal meaning and more figurative meaning.

In around 7th grade, I sat down and dreamt up my ideal life and since then I’ve been working towards it. No changes or exceptions allowed. For example, I’ve known I wanted to be a doctor since middle school. I’ve always known that I would end up at an Ivy League school. I’ve always wanted to open a clinic in some underserved area of the world. I’ve wanted to be married with 2 kids by the time I’m 32. I’ve wanted to split my time between being a over-involved PTA-obsessed football mom  and being a global health practitioner.

To be honest, my life has only really made slight deviations from the 7th grade version of my life map. And for a very long time, anything that was considered to be off the map gave me serious anxiety. But, as I continue to mature & realize the unfeasibility of being a part time football mom in the US & part time physician/researcher in Ghana, I am becoming more comfortable with going off the map of life that I made for myself. So now, OTM16 stands for the beginning of me embracing my life ~~Off the Map~~

Cheesy? Probably. True? 100%.

Love it or hate it.. it’s who I am.

xoxo– Kels